A Week in Maui

If Kauai is the island for nature lovers (shoutout to Ishihara Market, my favorite poke) and Oahu is the island for those seeking city and surf (shout out to Hanauma Bay, my favorite beach), then Maui is the family-friendly island. A little something for everyone, which makes sense because that’s where we went with Nishan’s family this winter. Whether you’re two, thirty-five, or seventy, Maui has something to offer. Here’s how we spent our week:

Coconut ice cream

First things first: coconut ice cream at Lappert’s.

Eskimo Candy poke

Eskimo Candy

What is a trip to Hawaii without the best poke of your life? The tuna was like butter at Eskimo Candy Seafood Market.

Poi mochi at Lineage

If it’s finer dining you’re after but want to do native Hawaiian food justice, go to Lineage. The poi mochi was the standout here.

Crab cake salad

Crab cake salad at Nalu’s South Shore Grill. Super chill, super fresh.

Shave ice in Wailea

The requisite shave ice. Five-year-old me was very happy.




The otherworldly Haleakala National Park. My favorite place in Maui — photos don’t do it justice. If you go, be prepared for a hair-raising drive, though.

Tuna poke at South Maui Fish Co

All that hiking at Haleakala deserves another poke, this time at South Maui Fish Co.

Wailea Beach

Thank you for sharing your bounty, Hawaii. And the poke. And the shave ice. And the ice cream.

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