sour-y goodness

my aunt and cousins came over earlier this week for a stay. i cooked and we ate – everyone was happy. purveyors of all things delicious, shahriar brought me aloocheh and shahrzad brought a rosewater and pistachio flavored gelee.

sour ropes have nothing on aloocheh. it may not look as pretty, but it tastes delicious. kind of like tamarind paste, but with a more fruity flavor.

speaking of which, i think i still have some lavashak stored away in the cupboard. yum.

2 thoughts on “Aloocheh”

  1. have u tried the sour plum drink in vietnamese restaurants?

    1) sour plum with soda
    2) sour plum with lemonade
    3) sour plum with soda and rum
    4) sour plum with soda, lemonade and rum

  2. yes, i love it! i’ve only had the sour plum with soda kind though – i’ll have to give the other incarnations a try too.

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