Singapore, Days Five and Six

Did you think I was going to come all the way to Singapore and not eat at Ananda Bhavan a third time?

South Indian set meal

That’s right. Breakfast on the fifth day of our visit was rice, chapati, vegetables, parippu, sambar, puzikuzhambu, curd, pickle, rasam, thuvaiyal, appalam, vadai, and payasam. You know, a light meal.

Sultan Mosque


Sultan Mosque

We spent the rest of the day exploring Kampong Glam district, including Sultan Mosque. By complete coincidence, we got to witness a nikah (Muslim wedding ceremony) between a Malay-American couple during our visit. The volunteers at the mosque were super friendly and encouraged us to explore the colorful halls.

Arab Street

Haji Lane

Haji Lane

Fragrant Hot Pot

Speaking of colorful, how beautiful is Haji Lane and Arab Street? I only wish we had more time to explore Kampong Glam. A snack of Korean mango shaved ice and Sichuan-style dry hot pot capped off our afternoon. (Bay Area: where can I find dry hot pot? This flavor is what dreams are made of.)


Dinner was the best idli I’ve ever had at Murugan Idli Shop in Little India. Service was curt, but who cares when the food is delicious?

Vagabond bar

A nightcap at the creative, quirky, and super friendly Vagabond Bar ended our day perfectly. Shahrul, Kamilah, and Mauro, if you’re reading this: we miss the Vagabond!

And just like that, we were out with a melancholy goodbye to our hotel the next morning. But it wasn’t totally over yet.

La mian with minced meat and mushroom sauce

Curry puff

Goodbye Singapore

We had a few hours before our flight at Changi Airport, so we enjoyed a lunch of la mian with minced meat and mushroom sauce and stir-fried lettuce at Paradise Inn. And you can’t come to Singapore without trying a curry puff, so you know. One last snack for the road.

Until next time, Singapore.

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