Bali, Day Seven

Our seventh and last day in Bali was the epitome of chill. We got a taxi to take us to Sanur, located on Bali’s southeastern coast. We’d heard so much about the famed brunch at the Fairmont there and wanted to try it out. We arrived after an hour-long drive and checked out the beach first, which was much less busy, much prettier, and much hotter than Seminyak’s.

Sanur beach

Brunch started with a couple of deliciously refreshing passionfruit cocktails, and then we were seated. I’ll say this: the brunch wasn’t what I was expecting. The cuisine was Eurocentric (why eat scrambled eggs and blinis if you’ve traveled all the way to Indonesia?) and the crowd was rude (I saw more than one group of diners belittling the staff. Get over yourselves, dudes).

But back to the brunch.

River lobster egg omlette

My favorite dish was the river lobster egg omlette. It was so outstanding that I ordered another. The egg nouvelle was also good, though unfortunately the rest of the brunch buffet wasn’t memorable. As was the theme with this trip, we ended up leaving the coast early and heading back to Ubud for one last tea time and one last dip in the pool.

Tea time

Saying goodbye to our hotel and to Ubud was, you know, sort of a bummer, but we were excited to head to the airport for the next leg of our trip: Japan!

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