La Fondita

When it comes to taquerias, us Californians are a proud lot. We each have our favorite and nearly every city lays claim to the best tacos around. I grew up in Santa Rosa, and well, we have the best taquerias. Even better than San Francisco’s Mission District, dare I say it.

Carne asada tacos

Case in point: La Fondita is a nondescript taqueria in Santa Rosa’s Roseland neighborhood, an area dotted with no shortage of solid Mexican restaurants. La Fondita often has a taco truck adjacent to its brick and mortar establishment, and it’s here where I had some of the best tacos I’ve eaten in years. Four carne asada tacos, two chicken tamales, and a tamarindo Jarritos later and I was a happy eater. The tacos were the star but there’s lots more on their menu if you’re so inclined: chilaquiles and mole, for starters.

La Fondita standard is as far as taqueria service and ambiance goes, and if you happen to be there on a nice day, take advantage of the outdoor patio and enjoy your tacos in the sun. I can’t think of anything more Californian than that.

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