Build Pizzeria

Berkeley is a college town and with college comes pizza. And trust me, Berkeley has no shortage of pizza restaurants. Build Pizzeria in downtown Berkeley is among the newest and it’s easily become my favorite. Why? Let me count the ways.

Sausage and roasted garlic pizza

As the name suggests, you can build your own pizza at Build and they’ll bake it for you in their wood-fired Italian oven. During my first visit, I ordered the sausage and roast garlic pizza and man oh man is that some good pizza. Thin-but-not-too-thin crust, a perfect amount of sauce, and super fresh ingredients make for the best pie east of the Bay.

I stop by Build pretty regularly and these days, they’re busy. But the pizza is still top notch and the service is perfect. In fact, Build Pizzeria has the best service out of any restaurant I’ve visited in Berkeley. They’re so friendly that the last time I was there, a staff person overhead me talking about how much I love their truffled cheese topping. “Do you want some on your pizza?” he asked me. “It’s on the house. Here, I’ll add some extra greens too. And some truffle oil while I’m at it.” Ladies and gentleman, that kind of service is above and beyond the call of duty.

Build Pizzeria, I salute you.

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