Day Seven in Mexico: Mismaloya

From the moment I arrived in Puerto Vallarta, I had been accosted by offers of booze cruises, snorkeling excursions, canopy tours and mass-produced souvenir knick-knacks. To get away from it all (and to kill time while I waited for my correct hotel room to materialize), I took a cab to Mismaloya, a small village where Rio Mismaloya meets Banderas Bay.

Rio Mismaloya

Mismaloya beach

Mismaloya found its fame as the site where the 1963 movie Night of the Iguana was filmed. I avoided the film tours and instead wandered around the bay, followed by an apathetic but adorable stray dog as I explored the shore. On the walk back, I stopped for a drink and chatted with the restaurant proprietor while I took in the view:

Sol at the beach

Mismaloya birds

Isn't he adorable?

Just about sums up how I was feeling

This one pretty much sums up how I was feeling. Mismaloya helped, but I had to take a cab back into the city to change hotel rooms again.

Back in Vallarta, I walked towards downtown to grab a bite to eat at Coexist Cafe. My ceviche was a curiosity:

"Ceviche" at Coexist Cafe

Where’s the ceviche?

I spent the rest of the day in the hotel pool, a welcome refuge from the humidity. By evening I was pretty tired and opted to stay in my room and read. No foam parties or dance clubs for me, thanks.

3 thoughts on “Day Seven in Mexico: Mismaloya”

  1. Your arm looks a little red. Did you get sunburned? If so, ouch.

    The guys (brothers, sister’s boyfriend, and brother’s best friend) went out one of the nights we were in Cozumel. They tried several clubs and they were all kind of lame. Too many fresh out of high school kids.

  2. Mindful – I know, I miss it so much already, and it’s only been a month!

    Cindy – Yeah, I got sunburned a little, but it actually happened in Tlaquepaque. As for the clubs, I stayed away too and veered towards restaurants intead.

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