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the taste of roses

summertime means ice cream and there is no ice cream better than rosewater ice cream, akbar mashti style. sometimes i make it completely handmade, but usually i cheat, using softened vanilla ice cream as a base instead of making the cream in a pot and freezing it.

half gallon vanilla ice cream

half pint heavy cream

four tablespoons rosewater

3/4 cup chopped pistachios

1. soften ice cream.

2. freeze heavy cream and chop into one-inch pieces.

3. add frozen cream pieces, rosewater and pistachios to softened ice cream in a large bowl and mix thoroughly.

4. cover and freeze until firm.

5. taste it, rub your tummy and say “mmm.”

this ice cream is heaven. halva ice cream is also deeeelicious. its hard to explain the taste of akbar mashti ice cream because it tastes like roses. picture the smell of roses and think of what they’d taste like. i love it.

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hello again.

so i’m back. blame my absence on a semester and a half’s worth of term papers, exams and stacks of books, not to mention a hundred page paper i penned on iranian foreign policy. last semester was like international relations boot camp. it paid off though.

i travelled to dc in april for the national model arab league conference, and i walked away with an outstanding delegate award at the west coast model arab league. i met some amazing people in dc and had a great time out on the town. i flew to maryland in june with the family, and spent a few days in new york city and dc as well. now i’m savoring the summertime before i begin grad school in the fall at sfsu, commuting back and forth from santa rosa to san francisco for work, and looking for a place to get back in the city by the fall.

i don’t like summarizing seven months into two neat paragraphs.