I’ve been cooking:

chicken yakitori | vegetable red curry noodles | cardamom pots de creme

baked pasta with four cheeses | chicken piccata with artichokes and olives

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  1. Hey your blog is really cool! I never read blogs but yours rocks!

    Where do you get all your recipes?
    Btw, I’m going to SF sunday and I’ll probably check out that persian wineyard.

    keep bloggin!
    – Wannabe-Californian

  2. why am i not surprised?? Do actually do anything else during the day? 😉 hahahaha as long as you are having fun… that’s all that matters.

    the grilled calamari looks delicious… as do the mozzarella balls.

  3. aydin – khaili mamnun. 🙂

    thanks yas – i get my recipes from a variety of sources: cookbooks, magazines, and some i make up. have fun at darioush winery this weekend; its beautiful!

    eric – i think the mozzarella balls look better than they tasted – not enough flavor. next time i’ll probably add garlic and pepper flakes.

  4. I was wondering if you could suggest any cool places to visit in SF once i get there? other than general neighborhoods like chinatown, warf, etc.

    oh yea, any cheap places to eat that are decent? We’re staying for a week! 🙂 thanks for the tips

    (I’m coming from the canadian east coast with my mom)

  5. yas – outside of the general neighborhoods, my favorite places in sf are the japanese tea gardens (and most of golden gate park in general), the exploratorium, the ferry building marketplace at the embarcadero (its a foodie’s paradise) and japantown and north beach are pretty cool.

    as for places to eat, minami sushi in the richmond district is cheap and great. new eritrea in the sunset district is WONDERFUL ethiopian/eritrean food. don’t miss mitchell’s ice cream in the mission district; there’s also a great indian ice cream shop (its called bombay ice creamery i think) on valencia st. nearby. straits cafe (singaporean food) on geary st. in the richmond and fresca (noveau peruvian) in both noe valley and west portal are a bit more expensive but delicious. ton kiang on geary st. has really really good dim sum.

    have a great trip!

  6. Thanks a ton for all the suggestions! Gonna try to check out most of the them!

    I’ve actually been to straits last year but in san jose while i was visiting family and i LOVED it!!!

    Did u know the owner wrote a singaporean cookbook? I’d like to get that!

    I actually went to SF that year but only for a couple of hours and i thought it was so cool.

  7. yas,

    Just as a precaution that I’m sure Mariam will cosign on, the cookbook yields results that are no where NEAR as delicious as the restaraunt’s fare.

  8. cosign. unfortunately. i checked out the ‘straits cafe cookbook’ from the library a few years ago and cooked a number of the recipes, and none of them turned out nearly as good as the restaurant versions.

  9. that hasn’t happened yet. i’m sure it probably will eventually, but for now i’m pretty happy cooking during a heat wave. just less baking and more grilling.

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