vaay dahanam aab oftaad, eshtehaa’am raa oftaad

this evening i saw the house is black, a 1963 documentary about life on a leper colony, by the legendary iranian poet forugh farrokhzad. poetically narrated, it was extremely sad and moving. both mohsen makhmalbaf and abbas kiarostami consider this short documentary to be a major influence on their work. the dvd also included an interview with pooran farrokhzad (forugh’s sister), as well as two short films by mohsen makhmalbaf – the school that was blown away (1996) and images from the qajar dynasty (1992).

i’ve been cooking a lot these past few days (suprise suprise):

thursday night: cucumber shrimp rolls with spicy peanut sauce and wonton noodle soup

friday night: artichoke and spinach phyllo swirls and roasted chicken with orange-brandy glaze

saturday night: green salad with citrus vinaigrette and eggplant parmigiana

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  1. the roasted chicken (and the rest of the food) looks delicious as always! you really have been busy cooking lately.

    the house is black sounds like a very interesting film… very depressing, but very interesting.

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